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Resolutions for 2010.
Friday, January 1, 2010

What better time is there to write about resolutions than New Years day? I sit here, my butt on the sofa – pretty much where it has been for the last week, feeling hung over from the 4 glasses of wine I drank last night and … well… fat from all the holiday treats I’ve indulged in. I’m SURE I’m not alone in my feelings this morning.

In my defense, I went into this holiday season looking for a little gluttony. Over the last few months I’ve been eating pretty well and exercising regularly. I've worked hard at my job and at school, and frankly – 2009 was a very hard year. I weighed my options and decided to enjoy this holiday and not worry about calories or muscle tone or love handles for 2 weeks. Man was it sweet. Was it worth it? Of course. But now it’s time to get back to reality. I am a fitness professional after all!

So… today marks the start of what I am determined will be a healthy year. My goals are simple:

1. Make this the year I become debt free. Time to stop living under my credit card’s thumb.

2. Spend more quality time with family and friends. There is never enough of this.

3. The biggie – be the fittest I’ve been in 10 years.

It’s been 10 years since I stopped dancing and while I know that I’ll never get back to the tiny body I had as a ballet dancer, I also know that I can feel that fit, strong and agile again. This year I want to be strong and healthy for me, not just for my job and my clients like I have been in the past.

To start – I will eat very healthfully far more than I indulge. I love food and I don’t believe in “diets” but there has to be some restraint right?! My healthy eating checklist (see downloads below - use this chart - it works!) is on the fridge and I will get my eating back on track. Today.

I will get active, asap. The fact is – most people don’t want to go to the gym every day – I know I don’t. But it’s easy to make a big impact with just a couple minutes a day. If you are active already or just want to get started, you can bump up your fitness level easily with just a few exercises a day. Two sets of 10 push ups, 10 lunges and a plank hold, followed by some stairs or jumping jacks CAN make a difference. It doesn’t need to be drastic – just plan on being more active today than yesterday. I think I’ll drag GTR out for a brisk walk in the winter air this afternoon.

Finally, I will rest. I am a woman. Not to get all martyrish on you all – but let’s face it ladies – we give, and we give, and we GIVE. I can’t complain – in my house the work I do is appreciated and “paid back”, but I still need to take more time for me. Perhaps my biggest goal this year will be to take some me-time, for me (not just because GTR wants some ‘him-time’ and I have to accommodate) … and to enjoy it.

So that’s my New Years Resolutions for 2010. I dislike the word “resolution” because it seems that the word “failure” is always peeking around the corner. I do think though that it is important to reflect on what is past, present and future and to make some personal statements of wants or goals. Do this for yourself. Sit down – TODAY – and think about what you want for yourself this year. Tell people or keep it a secret – but do write it down. Looking back over this year will motivate you and looking back in years to come will (hopefully) give you a great sense of accomplishment and growth.

Purely for yourself – decide: what will 2010 mean for you?

Healthy Food Checklist
PDF: 33.13 kb
Note: right-click and select "save to desktop" if you have problems downloading the links directly

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