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The power of the food journal.

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Everything in moderation.

The power of the food journal.
Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost a week ago now, I pledged to keep track of my daily activity and diet online. Partly as motivation for myself (you would not believe how guilt ridden I feel when I had to post that I needed cookies to help me study!); and partly to track "my trends." The food journal is a mighty powerful tool that anyone can use. It helps us to consume less (by the sheer laziness of not wanting to open up my laptop and type it in!) and to see when and how we make poor food choices (consuming bread and meat when fruits and vegetables should be the focus or eating late at night etc.).


So what are my emerging food trends that I will try to conquer this week?

• Far too few fruits and veggies being consumed with preferance for meat and grains.

• Not enough low-fat dairy day-to-day.

• Not enough water being consumed consistently every day.


What am I doing well?

• Reaching a "minimum" amount of water almost every day.

• Not overindulging on meat or protein.

• Consuming almost eclusively whole grain bread products and doing well at avoiding the "white" or processed products.


Try it for yoursself... Use the forms below to track your food in journal for for at least 3 days to see how you measure up. Email me your results for help reaching your goals!


June 6 2010:

Activity: None... Too focused on studying today.

1 cup water
2 coffees with milk (early client followed by much studying)
Chicken bacon, lettuce and tomato on a slice of whole grain bread

Strawberry yogurt and 1 banana
2 cups water

handful of corn tortilla chips with 1 tablespoon guacamole and light sour cream

2 small veggie summer rolls
Small blueberry muffin
Coffee with 2% milk
1 cup water

1 cup baby carrots
Small serving of Chinese rice and veggies that my man brought home
3 cups water

100 calorie ice cream treat to celebrate the good job (fingers crossed ) I did on my test

Food Journal
PDF: 372.78 kb
Food Groups Tracker
PDF: 31.97 kb
Note: right-click and select "save to desktop" if you have problems downloading the links directly

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-Heidi E. Keyes