Top Ten Things To Never Say To A Vegan...

(Vegan) Pumpkin Tart

Sumac Roasted Vegetables with Lemon Cous Cous

Reflecting back and looking forward.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

I've been vegan for one month!

The Big "V"

So Long And Thanks For All The Friends...

Thank you.


An Impending Feeling of Doom...

5 months to go...

Resolutions were made to be broken!

Take stock.

The countdown begins...

Six and a half months to the Big Day.

Giving some props where they are due.

Toronto the Beautiful?

We made it to Friday.


Where did today go?

Vegetables are sexy.

Busy Sunday.

Saturday, Saturday.

Another week bites the dust.

The weigh in, cont.

Grilled Vegetable and Avocado Salad

Food as reward?

I admit it. I like Mondays.

Cheat weekend?

Sleepy Saturday.

Cheat day.

The weigh in.

How competitive am I?

Today = Yuck.

The power of the food journal.

Happy Birthday Little Soccer Dude.

Ahhh... The sweet smell of Saturday.

Thank GOD it's Friday.

Sleep... sweet sleep.

A day in the life...

Kick it into gear already!

Polenta and Roasted Veggies. Because bikini season is coming...

Resolutions for 2010.

Enjoy the good and shrug off the bad.

It ain't easy being green.

When you just don't fit in (to your pants).

Who knew we could trust the government?

To my students at Parkdale Public School: Thank you

Everything in moderation.

Vegetables are sexy.
Monday, June 21, 2010

Life is busy. For everyone. I’m fully aware that I am not the only one running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Somehow we make it through the days though, to get up and do it all again. And again. And again.

I’ve found (now, this is something we all know “on paper”, but perhaps don’t really take to heart in our day to day lives) that eating the most fruits and veggies I possibly can makes the daily stressors of life easier. Eating proper daily amounts of fresh fruits and veggies (7 – 10 per day) can:

-    help you achieve your daily amount of water (or more!)
-    help you digest and process all other foods you consume (largely because of their high water and fibre content)
-    help you crave “bad” foods less (fruits and veggies are naturally high in sugar and help curb cravings for sugary foods)
-    help you sleep and wake up easier (due to your metabolism being more regulated)
-    give you great skin
-    protect your heart
-    help to prevent cancer and other nasty illnesses

Why don’t we all eat more of these wonder foods? They may not be as “glamorous” as that gourmet ham and cheese on the buttered croissant from the niche bakery on your street, but I say take another look. I think veggies are like the woman that can make a simple black dress look fashionable and sophisticated without the $200 strappy heels or the caked on make-up. Their simplicity IS their elegance.

Keep your fruits and veggies near. I find packing a container of fresh fruits and veggies and toting them with me allows me to enjoy them without attempting to search them out in the coffee shops and fast-food joints that are everywhere today. Just like water – if you have it with you, you are more likely to choose what is right and not let impulses rule.

“Vegetables are sexy.” … Make that your mantra when packing your lunch tomorrow!

Activity: Taught Bellies and Strollers class in Trinity Bellwoods Park

BLT on a whole grain bagel
2 cups water
1 cup coffee with milk

Snacks (throughout the day):
½ cup baby carrots
½ cup cherries
½ cup sliced cucumber
1 small carrot muffin
1 100 calorie Preventia bar
1 cup coffee with 2$ milk
4 cups water

1 small bowl of pasta with cheese
1 cup orange juice
1 cup water

" Before I started working out with Liz, there were mornings when I could hardly get out of bed or even put on my own socks as result of chronic lower back pain and over-all muscle tightness. By focusing on core-strength and basic range-of-motion exercises, we were able overcome these aliments within a few short weeks before moving on to regime..."
-John Miller