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I've been vegan for one month!

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I've been vegan for one month!
Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I’ve been vegan for one month! I went vegetarian (ovo-lacto) back at the beginning of April and have found myself making healthier and healthier choices as the months have gone past. A month ago I told myself to try going vegan – to slip into the shallow end of the pool if you will – and see how things might go. I promised myself I’d be serious about it for one month and then reassess. So let’s look at the facts:


• I’ve lost weight – and inches. Without dieting, or restricting myself or suffering through bland, low-cal foods – I’ve dropped weight.  

• My chronic ankle and knee pain has disappeared (the real test will be when the cold of winter sets in – fingers crossed!).

• My energy is even and has really jumped! I don’t even drink my daily coffee anymore!

• My skin, hair, and nails are thanking me. My hair has grown over 2 inches in the last 2 months (as evidenced by my roots which need to be touched up!) and my skin and nails are looking and feeling healthier every day.

• My chronic weather related headaches seem to have disappeared.

• I am more tolerant of hot, humid days, as well as cold and damp ones.

• I’m exploring new foods, different cooking techniques and finding different places to shop (I am now a Whole Foods and Planet Organic junkie!).

• I’ve met some of the farmers who sell their produce and products in my neighbourhood markets.

• I’ve made new friends who share similar interests/beliefs.

• My husband is eating healthier, and feeling better because of it.

• I am more relaxed. I am more happy. I carry less stress.


At the cottage this weekend I tried out a couple of new recipes including Peanut Butter Cups and Moroccan Couscous With Saffron from Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Life. I’ll post my re-interpretations of these recipes, along with photos in the next couple of days. For now though – here are a couple of the foods and products I’ve become hooked on – they’ve made the switch seamless and easy for me.


Yerba Mate: A tea common in South America. When I need that little “perk up” I used to get from coffee – I reach for my Yerba Mate.

Holy Crap (and Skinny B) Cereal: A Canadian product – this stuff is AMAZING. Two tablespoons with a piece of fruit and a little rice milk and my energy is up for at least 6 hours. LOVE it.

Brown Rice Syrup: So earthly and yummy with a subtle sweetness. Good in anything from oatmeal to salad dressing – or just off the spoon when I get a sugar craving!

Maple Syrup: I’m Canadian and it’s practically in my blood. Very sweet, it’s replaced white sugar and/or honey in most cases for me.

Nuts: All kinds in all forms. If I’m on the road with clients in the mornings I’ll usually have a rice milk, banana, almond butter smoothie. Tastes like banana bread and keeps me bouncing all morning. Dry roasted nuts make a great snack any time and are SO good for you.

Brown rice: Truly a food sent from the gods. SO easy to make. Yummy. Totally healthy. Need I say more?

Miso: I have a cup of miso soup almost every day. It has all the great natural bacterial cultures that yogurt has, without the added calories and animal fats (or chemical sweeteners or stabilizers). It fills me up and makes me feel great.

Umeboshi Plums: I actually miss them if I’m away from them a few days (we only take what is absolutely necessary to the cottage). They are small, pickled Japanese plums and taste like a salt-lick. But – they are WONDERFUL for digestion and make me feel very “right” or “balanced.” I really don’t know how I was living without them!


At the beginning of August I dipped my toes in the vegan kiddy-pool, but am ready to swim in the deep end now. It has been interesting, fun and rewarding – I can’t wait to wade deeper.


‘Nuff preaching for the morning… It’s time to make lunch.










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